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Litewave Studios Opens FL Virtual Production LED Wall

Litewave Studios just expanded their services to include virtual production with the installation of a LED volume wall in the Florida video studio. Virtual production is at the cutting-edge of film technology, allowing for scenes to be filmed against a virtual background, almost indistinguishable from reality and can be more natural-looking than traditional green screens. The LED wall makes it easier to film virtually anywhere in the comfort and control of a studio setting – and with limitless customizability. Instead of traveling to distant filming locations and dealing with weather and lighting conditions, an LED video studio can bring the location to you.

This addition of virtual production came about from a team-up between Litewave Studios and Tom Jordan of Full Frame Digital, who used this LED wall in Atlanta for a variety of different projects, one of which was a Netflix television series. Creator of Litewave Media, Christian Cashmir says: “Using virtual production on our projects has opened up the possibilities of filmmaking and commercial production. We’re excited to be one of the first to have this technology in the Tampa Bay area.”

Litewave Studios already has some projects for their LED studio in the works: two upcoming features will utilize the volume as well as a commercial for a luxury car brand.

LED Studio Virtual Production Tampa

This 30′ x 15′ LED volume sound stage will build onto the services their Tampa Bay studio offers. Litewave Studios also features two other studios in their facility, including a 46′ x 46′ white cyc and green screen. Custom sets are also offered on site.

This LED video studio technology is already making waves in the film community. Particularly, it made its presence known after being used for the Star Wars television shows The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Instead of traveling to distant countries like the original Star Wars films did (using Tunisia to double as alien planet Tatooine) the LED wall placed actors right into this fantastical backdrop in real time.

In a post-COVID world, virtual production helps film crews continue to work amid the many travel restrictions around the world. A virtual studio environment also can benefit from smaller crews and more efficient production workflows.

Florida LED video studio

So, how does the LED wall work? The LED video studio uses Unreal Engine, known for creating video game worlds, along with disguise servers. Productions can create virtual backgrounds in real time or load plate shots which are especially useful in filming car scenes. Plate shots allow driving scenes to be shot safely and in a more controlled environment while still maintaining realistic motion and lighting. Filming in a virtual studio simplifies the process. Closing down roads and highways becomes a thing of the past. See a sample of this virtual production in the video below.

The Tampa LED wall utilizes a Stype camera tracking system to sync the camera’s movement to the screen. It is fully gen-locked, leading to precision frame-by-frame recording.

The processor in their Florida LED studio has four 4K outputs and 10-bit color RX, providing an ultra-high quality image pipeline. The disguise XR workflow enables realtime set extension/AR overlay as well as camera color and lens calibration. The backgrounds that the program generates are fully customizable and scalable, meaning individual elements can be aligned to perfect your shot. Scenes can also look more realistic with the foreground elements and virtual background blending seamlessly. In other words, at their Tampa virtual production studio, the possibilities are endless.

LED Volume Sound Stage Tampa Studio

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